What is ‘bumping’ and how we can protect our home

protect form bumping

Most people think that to close the door of House already are safe inside, both them as their belongings. However, for a possible intruder, a closed door is simply a minor inconvenience whenever you know the operation of a key bump, essential to make use of the technique of ‘bumping’ bumping.

This technique, originally from Denmark, aims to unlock locks cylinders. Basically, it consists of press lightly bump with an object key, making jump cylinders allowing the lock to slide freely, leaving the door fully open.

Even though it is a valid system in the world of locksmiths, some years its illicit use has spread significantly, endangering the safety of the households. The feature of them keys bump is that all their cuts are made to the depth maximum, what allows that are used for open locks of drum of PIN, the more popular of the world and present in them doors of entry to all them houses.

Any possible intruder can make a bump key and take advantage of the technical ‘bumping’ bumping into other houses. And it is that this technique, not only works in cylinders of low quality, but in most of the high-cost, considered of higher level of security, so we must be sure that lock access to our House is adequate.

Of course, locks there are anti-bumping anti-‘bumping’, with cylinders specially created to support this type of sabotage. That Yes, they must be installed by professional Locksmiths who know the exact point for correct placement and we can get the most out of the security they offer. In this sense, Prosegur access control system, is the replacement of conventional cylinder by an electronic cylinder, avoiding any action of this kind.

Thus, if we have locks without outer bulb, we can feel one hundred per one hundred insurance that our home or business is safe from potential intruders.

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